The True Story of the Blue Testicles

My Husband is at that age.

The age we have to check his bits and pieces.

One day he had sore testicles

Which had a blue tinge.

After a week or two

A GP’s appointment was made.

And attended.

And further action was decided upon.

The soreness was a concern,

The shade a matter of confusion.

A scan was hastily arranged

A hand held MRI with instant results.

A photograph quickly produced and inspected.

A question about underpants arose.

How long had my husband owned his?

For thirty years at least he proudly shared

.‘Do you have the same girth as you did 

One score and ten years ago?

’‘Not really’ my husband replied

‘I may have added a pound or two since I was twenty-six’

So, the issue was put to bed.

Testicles in fine working order but underclothes too tight.

A man’s avoidance of growing old

Not intentional but an unspoken unacceptance.

New Y Fronts and never a blue testicle since.