The Perplexing Peanut

I knew it was down there, right between two chasms,

I felt it hot and salty, scratching at my bosoms,

I hitched up my shirt, started shaking and dancing,

I put fingers under my cups and tried exaggerated prancing.

I wiggled and waggled and jerked and jiggled,

I was being demeaned by something I’d nibbled,

I could not believe this nut was causing so much strife

I endured to carry it with me throughout my life.

I understood I must let go, save my day from being botched

 I sensed that I was losing time, just like a kettle watched

 I recognised to ignore it would be a new kind of low 

I determined to give it another good go.

I wiggled and waggled once more and what do you think?

I saw that peanut fly out and bounce off the damn sink

I need to assure you I am not a snob, but

I am still unsure why I took it off the floor and into my gob.

I recognised that was not a hygienic thing to do,

I swallowed sweat, urine and dust feeling like I’d just licked the loo,

I just have to be grateful for mercies and the blessing 

I no longer have a peanut that is bloody perplexing.

March 30th 2020