The Parable Of The Pinched Plate

Most of us have done it regarding Facebook

And then next day have taken a fresh relook

Or sobered up and shamefully reconsidered

Decided we should have reconfigured 

The words and opinions that at the time

After several tequilas, salt and lime

Seemed prophetic, eloquent and funny

But were completely and utterly off that money.

I shall share an example of how once this occurred,

A lesson you shall learn and may be deterred

From sharing what you think is a fun post

And then waking up and realising that actually you’re toast.

My friend shared a picture of a plate she had appropriated

From a pub whose principles she really hated

And felt this was the least she could do gaining karma

After an obliged drink with work mates. Now the drama…

A post appeared on her social media feed

Showing a picture of her amusing deed.

Stating something along the lines that she had

Perceived it appropriate to steal as she felt bad

Drinking in a bar known for poor support of it’s crew

And politics far removed from her personal view.

But, 'Thief, Robber, Crook’ the internet screamed

Theft is wrong however right it’s deemed.

The sharing of a pretty flowered plate

Had opened up a full moral debate

One woman, unknown, took particular offence

And lost all form of her common sense

Resulting in threatening my friend’s livelihood

By reporting her to her employer because she should

Be sacked for the reckless act she had committed

And the crime had been made known, she freely admitted.

I sat back watching mouth open, eyes wide

And for my friend's sanity I almost could have cried.

After a couple of days and thousands of comments

From people adding opinions, judgements and laments

My friend decided to delete all down from her thread

And concentrate on keeping her job instead,

So let this be a lesson that statuses we deem funny

Can be completely and utterly off that money.