Me You And Me

I know I said

I would come to bed

 But there are lyrics I need to learn

 And I get you have a concern

About my mind racing about

 But please, have no doubt 

That the only way to stop the whirl

Is to learn the words of ‘Jet Boy Jet Girl’

As sung by Plastic Betrand

And this you must understand

Needs to be done in the original French

I can see your jaw starting to clench

But then there’s 99 Red Balloons

And at least I am not disappearing to saloons

 And putting myself in danger

 By dancing with a stranger

 I want to stay and learn German

No need to give me a sermon

I get you are worried 

And my speech is rather hurried 

 But give it time

Whilst I work on the rhyme 

The reasons will come behind

Albeit confusion as my mind is entwined





You get the drift

 I just have to be swift 

While the mania is still raging

Because I feel I am changing

And starting to drown

In an overwhelming sense of down

I need to go to bed

I need to rest my head

I want to drop 

Now Stop.

A.Smith March 26th ‘21