Bring On The Bez

And now Bez is on the internet. 

Helping us to shape up.

Famed for shaking maracas whilst dancing ecstatically 

He is now our 2021 vision of hope

The last thing left in Pandora’s box.

Can we send in The Bez to sort the virus out now?

To shake away the mutations?

To follow Boris about his business

Rattling maracas at him when he refuses to ensure adequate PPE

Or feed children ,or when he allows Rees Mogg out of his coffin.

Like the ghost of Jacob Marley sent to reform Scrooge

 He could follow Pritti about

 Pointing his musical implements at her when she slags off refugees

And shouts at her staff

Can he make her find each of the lost 400,000 crime records?

When Hancock pretends to cry

The Bez could rattle in his ears until he sobs

And learns what tears really are

And actually laments, realising that as Health Secretary 

He is paid to look after the nation's health.

The Bez could recruit Witty to his cause

Twisting Chris’s melon while they talk so hip.

Gyrating around the podium

 Challenging the misquotes and lies

Through the power of dance.

So you carry on Bez.

You be that shining light through this vitriolic virus.

You be our mascot

Whilst we get ready to buzz with you.

Let’s bring on The Bez.

Aly Smith Jan. ‘20